After deploying getting a blank white page

So after successfully getting my build to pass, I am getting a white blank page with no Console Errors.
This is my site: and I am deploying from a private git repo.
On my local machine i get 19 network requests, on the netlify host I get 7 only.
Would appreciate any suggestions.
PS on my local machine I am using env vars, just to make sure they arent the issue I hardcoded them into my code and still it doesnt work.

hi there, i am not really seeing much content on your page (although of course i have no way of telling what it is supposed to look like)

is your build working ok? any strange errors in your deploy log?

Hi Perry thanks for the reply, I am using create-react-app and the index only contains the root div.
The build was fine and tried more than once, I got of course some warning but I am using CI= run npm build.
Everything works fine when running on localhost even with the warnings.
Any idea what it could be?

hi there, sorry to be slow to reply. any progress on this? you are adding, committing, and pushing changes as you work, correct?

It worked now, the website is up and running thanks!