Add SSL to my branch deploy

Hi, please, can you add my branch deploy url to the SSL certificate? the url is

I dont use Netlify DNS, I use cloudflare, the branch deploy is working I just need the SSL certificate on it, thanks in advance.

hey @tech,

are you planning on using branch subdomains for your site? If yes, then you would need a wildcard cert which isn’t something we can provide for you if you aren’t using our DNS.

Hi @perry, I just need SSL for 1 branch, in my case just stage branch. my Idea is have the production and the stage branch, thanks.

hi tech, we have extended SSL to the stage branch :smiley:

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Really thanks, do you know if it will be lost if I deploy new changes on the branch?

no, you can change all of your content if you like, the SSL cert will stay in place :+1:

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Perfect, really thanks.

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