Account Disabled?

Uh, my account got disabled for what?

In a previous post, @perry said the site was disabled because NEtlify doesn’t support that type of content… and suspended my account.

Firstly, I deleted the site myself. And what kind of content don’t you support? What exactly was in violation?

Hi, @dietrichpowr, I also see the site was deleted by the account owner and not by Netlify.

I believe that there was a misunderstanding because, again, you appear to have deleted the site not us.

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

Hi, @dietrichpowr, I spoke too soon. I do see the suspended account now. Our terms of service can be found here:

As to why it was disabled, this appeared to be a fake raffle site offering a chance to win a free mobile phone but not actually awarding any phones to anyone. ​Please let us know if there are other questions.

Uhm, okay. 1. How do I get my account enabled?
2. Who is to determine the site is “fake” and the prizes don’t get dispersed?

  • We’ve given away over 200 prizes, devices and gift cards included in the past 4 months, proof is documented.

Hi @dietrichpowr and thanks for sticking with us!

I need to apologize - I personally made the final call on that site looking like a scam and removing it and locking your account.

I run the Support team at Netlify, and Luke and Perry mentioned the site to me and after examination it looked like thousands of similar sites we’ve banned over the years - most offer to give away bitcoin or something like it, but none have been legitimate. I know this in part not because I’m smart, but because 0 people (before you) have complained about their sites being disabled - scammers, spammers, and others who are engaged in illegal activities very rarely want to talk about it, and just move on from our service silently when we lock their account and sites.

I believe you are different, though I’d suggest that your sites still look quite scammy so you might want to consider making them, well, feel less like a “too good to be true” deal. Specifically, your vague imitation of facebook’s UI and the fake “send a message” box at the bottom of pages like these are big warning flags - not only to me as a member of our fraud team, but to me as a savvy web consumer. Regardless, your diligence and my inability to find anything that is definitely illegal, and a lack of reports to our fraud team from other people, have made me reconsider and unlock your account.

Please be aware that should we receive any complaints about the site(s), we will not hesitate to shut them down again. Most reports of this sort come from people who have suffered in some way, and also filed a police report or otherwise witnessed a direct terms of service violation - such as someone spamming their facebook group with links to a site. Site might be fine; spamming is never fine. Should this happen, we will definitely shut you down again, just to set expectations.

I have unlocked your account.