A Record Add Issue

Hello @fool

I’m receiving this error:
dns_api reachlink.com - marketing.reachlink.com/A: 400 - link exists, all config must be empty

It looks like others have had the same issue:

I can’t modify the netlify records that I believe are causing this issue. Is this something that can be solved another way?

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The NETLIFY type system records can only be deleted by our support team at this time. Should we delete the following NETLIFY type DNS record?

  • marketing.reachlink.com

Also, are there any other NETLIFY/NETLIFYv6 type records we should delete at the same time?

We have an open feature request to be able to delete these records directly in the UI and we’ll update this forum thread if/when this becomes available as well.

I’m also facing the issue, I can’t add A record without deleting NETLIFY records which is not possible from end-user side. can we have an estimate timeline for the feature to be implemented.

We don’t have an ETA for that feature request.

Just to clarify, the intent of our DNS hosting is that you will host your site on Netlify. This is the reason why we use NETLIFY-managed records.

That said, if you tell me which DNS record you are referring to, I can remove it for you.