"A DNS zone for this domain already exists under a different account" error creating DNS zone for "daniaschool.com"

I don’t remember setting this up on any account before, I’m the DNS controller, and there is no info in my DNS for this, can somebody tell me how to claim it?

Hi @daniaschool! Welcome to netlify community.

I will follow up with an email to confirm and complete your request. :slight_smile:

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@laura could you help me I am having the same issue. My domain is webwinddevelopments.com

Hi, @Damarkus_Harris, I think this domain is in a second Netlify account associated with your email address. Try logging out and then logging back in with your email address, except make the first letter an upper case “D”, not a lowercase “d” (and only the first letter - all other letters should be lowercase).

This should allow you to log into that account and remove the domain. Please note, you will need to remove the domain from both Domains and Sites before the domain can be used on the other team.

If there are other questions or if logging into the other account doesn’t work for you, please let us know.

Thanks!! Who would have known! So capitalization matters with email? I was able to find it thanks!