404 redirect in netlify.toml brings Live Tunnel link always to a 404 page

When I click on the Server now ready link I always will be redirected to a 404 page.
What goes wrong here?

I have this in my netlify.toml file:

# 404
   from = "*"
   to = "/404"
   status = 404

Hi @kajrietberg, it looks like you left out the forward slash in your redirect rule. It should look like this:

   from = "/*"
   to = "/404"
   status = 404 

Let me know if that change helps make your redirect rule work better.

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Thanks Dennis,
I did that and still isn’t working fine on my Netlify dev enviroment.

Hey @kajrietberg is that netlify.toml in the root of your repo? If you deploy that repo to Netlify, does the redirect get processed there?

Hi Gerald,

Thanks for the reply. I have the netlify.toml in the root (see https://github.com/kajrietberg/kajrietberg.nl) and it works fine on my production website (see https://www.kajrietberg.nl/mistake).

Hi @kajrietberg, what’s the route that you’re visiting that’s triggering the redirects? Can you provide a screen shot? Thanks.