2FA (Two Factor Authentication) released for all Netlify accounts

If you follow Jane Manchun Wong you already know we have been working on implementing 2FA on Netlify, allowing you to keep your accounts even more secure. We officially released this update recently.

More information here:

It’s a great idea to flip the switch on your account for increased security. If you have any problems with 2FA, let us know my commenting below. :lock:

Hey there.

When I click on the links on the blog: https://app.netlify.com/user/security

The page loads, but there’s no 2FA box to configure. All I get is ‘Secure your account’

hi there, that is very strange. Are you logged in when you click on that link? You should see something like this:

Are you using any extensions that might interfere with page display? would you do me a favour and check from an incognito window please?

I got it working. My network blocks app.launchdarkly.com. Removing this block fixed things. Thanks!

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great. I will pass this back to the team, as well, to make sure this is expected! Glad you got it working.

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yes, this behaviour is what we expect - we are keeping the feature flag in place for a while longer in case unexpected problems arise, so we can quickly restore previous functionality if need be. If anyone has any additional questions or concerns about this please let us know :slight_smile: