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Netlify Dev Open Beta Netlify Dev talk! Getting started, resources, ideas, questions and everything else surrounding Netlify Dev. Updates Find out about updates to the Netlify platform and services. Netlify staff posts a topic when releasing changes, from big product announcements to incremental UI improvements. All Community members can reply to topics. Netlify CDN (ADN) Netlify runs several of our own Content Delivery Networks. This category is a place to talk about how they work and how best to configure and use it. Access Control / Identity This category is all about using access control with Netlify, including using Netlify’s Identity Authentication service. Identity can be used to allow signups and authenticate users on your Netlify hosted site. Information on usage can be found in our docs. Functions Netlify Functions are a powerful way to bring the possibilities or server-side backends to static and other serverless sites. Learn more about them here. Netlify Open Source Talk and community around using Netlify Open Source products: Netlify Playground, GoTrue, GoJoin, GoCommerce, GoTell and more. Please see the CMS category for Netlify CMS talk! Feedback, Feature Requests, Pricing This is where you can share your feature requests and where we’ll ask for you feedback on how you’d like for us to improve the features we already offer. Questions about pricing & plans are also welcome here! Users are able to respond to topics posted by staff, but cannot start new posts. Netlify CMS Get help integrating Netlify CMS with Netlify. For all other Netlify CMS questions, please use GitHub issues or Gitter chat. Command Line Interface (CLI) Using the Netlify CLI allows you to do a bunch of awesome stuff more easily. Ask your questions here. Netlify API Netlify is driven by a REST API that you can use! This category talks about some ways you can use it. Netlify Large Media (NLM) Discussion and questions regarding Netlify Large Media (NLM) Netlify Forms This category is all about Netlify’s Form Handling service. Form Handling allows customers to receive submissions on your Netlify hosted site. Information on usage can be found in our docs. Netlify Analytics Better accuracy, better performance, and better privacy for your users. We are delighted to introduce Netlify Analytics – insights gathered directly from our servers, with no configuration or additional code required. Bring us your questions, comments, feedback!
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Feature requests - what do you already love, what could be better?

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