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About the Support category 1 August 26, 2019
What does consitute "build time"?

I’m of course reacting to the 300 min ceiling on the starting plans :slight_smile: I wonder what consitute build time during an overall deploy? Surely this cannot be “delploy time”? Our framework usually takes less tha…

11 October 7, 2019
Complete Intro to Netlify in 3.5 hours - Video by swyx on the FreeCodeCamp channel

Part 1: :world_map: Netlify Edge Part 2: :hammer_and_pick: Netlify Build Part 3: :woman_technologist:t3: Netlify Dev Part 4: :spiral_notepad: Netlify Forms Part 5: :id: Netlify Identity Part 6: :writing_hand: Netl…

5 October 6, 2019
Build Minutes question - when will get charged if i use more than 300?

hi everyone, help. i got an email introducing new Builds Dashboard and build minues features, it limit for my free account since 2017, and i already passed 1,290 minutes build more than 300 minutes limits for it from th…

10 October 2, 2019
Security at Netlify

Netlify believes that the JAMStack approach to building websites and apps offers clear security benefits by default, and we at Netlify take security extremely seriously as a matter of principle. Our operations and busine…

2 August 13, 2019
Dynamic form redirection

I have a form with a custom success page in the action attribute of the form like this: <form name="scholarship" action="/thanks" method="POST" data-netlify="true" > Depending of certain form values, I …

6 August 13, 2019
What timezone are analytics shown on?

As per subject. I can scan over the chart of popular times on my website but I don’t know what timezone the data is from. I’ve assumed it’s a server time since everything is server side logs, but if it’s client time (as…

3 July 18, 2019
Asking great questions to get great answers

Asking great questions to get great answers When we are struggling with a stubborn bug, about the last thing we want to think about is expending energy on writing a thoughtful request for help, especially if its somethin…

5 September 30, 2019
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