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About the Admin category 1 August 15, 2019
[Asked Frequently] I have a question about my bill

If you have a question about a charge from Netlify, you’ve come to the right place. We are happy to assist! First, we have some excellent docs that cover general billing questions. You can check out how our billing work…

3 November 4, 2019
[Asked Frequently]: Using tags to get better help

Welcome to our forums! As you can tell - this is a busy place, with lots of people asking and answering questions :slight_smile: We are all in this together! In order to keep things manageable, we are relying on you to …

2 October 10, 2019
I have a private question / sensitive information

Do you have a question regarding your site you think that might be better off handled out of the public eye? Examples for this might include compromised sites, problems with passwords, security/hacking/phishing concerns…

4 October 2, 2019
[Common Issue] How to transfer a Netlify site to a new owner

You’ve built an awesome website, but for some reason it’s on the wrong team. Maybe you accidentally put a work site on your personal account or maybe you are handing a site off to its new owner. It happens to all of us…

1 October 1, 2019
Hosting adult /18+ content on Netlify?

I would just like to know if pornographic content is prohibited on Netlify, as I read the terms and found nothing, but I’m afraid to create something and get banned. So I came before asking

3 October 10, 2019
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